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The Obkins are a group of technologically advanced, DNA-possessed robots based on characters from BFDI, and are the spiritual successors to the Circus BFDI Robots.


The Obkins appear in all shapes and sizes.

General Structure

All the Obkins share the same arm and leg structure, albeit some are bigger or smaller than others.

  • Their arms and legs are a metallic grey-colour and pretty flexible which makes it easy for them to move them.
  • Their mitten gloves are made out of polyester fabric in the outside, and white fur in the inside for comfort. Removing the gloves from one of them will reveal endoskeleton hands with four fingers and a thumb, much like a human's hands.
  • Their boots, unlike their mitten gloves, are pretty much part of their bodies, made from leather on the outside and in the inside, a soft grey rubber on the sole and the line on each one, and a slightly harder, and charcoal grey rubber on the bottom treads which are of a checkerboard pattern.
  • Their eyes are made out of plastic and their eyelids are made of plastic as well.
  • Their teeth are made out of metal, and when one gets angry, they will grow an extra set of sharp metal teeth in front of their regular ones. Their sharp "angry teeth" are red and can crush bone with ease.
  • Most of the male Obkins have bushy eyebrows made of fluff, and all female Obkins have pointy eyelashes made up of leather.
  • They all have black top hats with coloured ribbons.
  • Their suits are a tough, hard to break plastic material coated with fake fur in order for their bodies to feel rather soft and cosy. It's also to make sure they aren't cold and that their fragile endoskeletons are protected.
  • They all have vertical lines seaming down the middle, which means that their suits can be opened. When their plastic shell is opened, it reveals their true forms, grey endoskeleton cylinders or spheres. Obkins usually open up their suits only if they need their systems fixing, and if they're endoskeleton is exposed for more than 5 hours, their endoskeletons will rust.
  • Starting with the BFDIA Obkins, they all have a built-in voice-box so they can speak. The Obkins who are based on the original BFDI contestants (except David) lack voice-boxes, so they are mute as they do not have a voice.

Tall Obkins

Obkins such as Flower, Pen, Pencil, Needle and Match are basically between 8 to 9 feet tall, which is massive considering the average man is 5 foot 9 inches.

  • Obkins who look rather humanoid such as Flower and David for example, have similar structure in their head as round Obkins like for example Bubble or Golf Ball. Their torsos are rather thin and are made of the same material as their arms and legs, allowing them to bend up and down. They tend to have pretty long arms and legs, and they wear normal-sized mitten gloves and either normal-sized or large boots.
  • Obkins who simply have tall bodies and no head, like Match and Pencil for example, have their faces on their torsos instead, and they too tend to have pretty long arms and legs, and they wear normal-sized mitten gloves and pretty large boots to weigh them down.

Small and Normal-sized Obkins

Obkins such as Coiny, Snowball, Golf Ball, Tennis Ball and Bubble are basically between 5 to 7 feet tall, which is around the average height of a human man, which is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

  • Obkins who look rather sphere like Snowball, look cylindric like Coiny or Nickel, or others like Blocky, Firey or Leafy, all for example, have their faces in the centre, the top hat on the top, the arms wearing regular-sized gloves coming from the sides of their bodies, and the legs wearing regular-sized boots coming from the bottom.


Not counting Black Hole, Spongy is the biggest Obkin so he has his own category. Everything he has is somewhat bigger than what any other Obkin has.


Early Lives (Before being possessed)

The Obkins were all created by Molten Four in an attempt to kidnap children.

How he does this is that according to what Taco does in "The Robot Babysitter" as an example. In the story, she gets delivered to the Petersons' house by Hugo and Timmy's parents so she can babysit the two while their parents go out shopping. At first, the rented Obkin would act nice to the child they are tasked to babysit, but over time they would slowly begin acting like the child and attempt to torture the child so that they can replace them. After their jobs are done, the kid's parents will return and become disappointed in them, until revealing that they are Molten Four in disguise. Molten Four and the rented Obkin would then kidnap the child and then Molten Four would kill the child and insert their DNA into the rented Obkin, this meant that Molten Four fused the kidnapped children with the Obkins.

Life with Molten Four

During the first part of Fourfall, the Obkins act as Molten Four's slaves, being forced to do all his dirty work by scurrying to old abandoned sites to look for spare parts. However, this was all about to change when Ruby discovered the remains of the old, destroyed Circus Ruby. As she went down onto her knees and cried in terror of what she just saw, the team of five Obkins consisting of Book, Gelatin, Ruby, Fries and Bomby, began going to random homes holding banners depicting Molten Four dying. They ranted at people all day, all night about why Molten Four is a bad leader, so they decided to commit mutiny against Molten Four.

The Mutiny

As half of the Obkins began to oppose Molten Four, they did a pretty good job at overthrowing him, as the "Molten War" began, named after Molten Four. It is where all of the Obkins fight each other while trying to defeat the trio of Molten Four, Phantomette and Mr. Two.

After Molten Four commits suicide via Circus X's heroic sacrifice, the Obkins now have no leader. They later decide on making their Four the leader.



  • Jay came up with the name "Obkins" to describe the group of robots so that he doesn't have to use the phrase "BFDI robots" all over again.
    • Jay also thinks that the group name sounds rather British.
    • "Obkins" sounds pretty similar to "Shopkins", as they both involve anthropomorphic objects. However, the Obkins are much larger and taller than the Shopkins.
  • Their leader is Four as of now, with either X or Two acting as substitutes whenever he is absent. X also sometimes acts as Four's right hand man.
  • The Obkins' jobs are to fight anything that either trespasses their territory, or terrorises innocent people.
  • They act as the spiritual successors to the Circus BFDI Robots, even going as far as to being led by one (Circus/Molten Four) before the mutiny happened.
  • They currently live in what used to be Molten Four's evil lair, which is the same location they got kidnapped to when they were regular children. They consider the lair as their birthplace and chose to live there after Molten Four died.
  • The Obkins are aware of BFDI and its later seasons, and try to hide themselves from public eye to avoid identification from suspecting BFDI fans.
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